About this website

Rust is a systems programming language, but is it a language for data tasks?

Inspired by Are We Learning Yet?, this site catalogs the state of the Rust data ecosystem to increase awareness of the data tools that have been built with Rust and that could make data work more robust and performant, mainly in comparison with Python. If you'd like to contribute with an addition, correction, or anything, this website is open source.

The website uses a simple tagging mechanism to inform about the maturity and usability of certain solutions. Keep in mind that this isn't a strong science and is rather biased and aimed at beginners who would like to start out using Rust instead of veterans who are already comfortable with the tools. The following tags help identify and classify the tools:

If you have any suggestions or improvements, don't hesitate to open an issue on GitHub or contact me directly.

This website is made by Karim Jedda, author of Data With Rust. Feel free to add yourself as a contributor if you contributed to the repo.